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I finally found a mechanic for my Audi TT I can trust!  Goodbye Roger Jobs!!

I had my Audi towed to SK Motorsort when my timing belt failed based on a recommedation from my son and my friend.  I am sure glad I did.

Steve and Brian at SK took care of everything.  I asked them while they were in the engine to check some other issues I was having with the vehicle, mostly electrical.  They found that mice had been eating the wiring in my car which was causing a lot of electrical problems for me.  They fixed all of that, the timing belt, the problem I was having with the convertible top closing properly.  They quoted me an amount after checking out my car, but were able to do it for LESS then the quote!!

I had been bringing my car to Roger Jobs for servicing and problems since I bought my “little girl” just over a year ago.  They wouldn’t even open up the hood for less then $100 it seemed!  Ridiculously expensive and with no care to customer loyalty at all.  I bought two brand new  cars from them in the past.  To even look at an issue on the car was more then to fix the issue at SK!

On top of all that, because I live in Acme, I was having a logistical issue on how to get my car and my truck to my house.  Brian actually picked me up from my house in Acme and brought me into town so I wouldn’t have two cars in Bellingham!!  I was shocked!!  No mechanic I’ve ever had in my life has gone out of their way for me like that before!  SK doesn’t even treat their customers like customers!  They treat customers like they are doing work on a car for their family or personal friend!  They really get it!

I will never bring my car to Roger Jobs again!  My new mechanic is SK Motorsports.  I cannot say enough good things about how I was treated, the great work on my car they did, the extra miles they literally drove to make my life so much easier.  Thanks SK!  I really appreciate you!

– Gloria Ave

Knowledgable and Helpful

“We started taking our vehicles in to SK in late 2001 after being treated not so fairly at a few of the “other” European shops in town. We have not regretted that decision, and continue to use SK to this day. The shop is very knowledgeable at what they do, they are very good at explaining any issues with my cars, and available courses of action to take. I’ve had them do everything from a simple oil change and tune up on my A6 Avant, to installing a full stage three kit on my prized Audi S4. We leave never feeling overcharged, and secure with the knowledge that our car was repaired properly. When you are tired of getting the runaround, and paying the “other” local shops big bucks to learn how to diagnose problems on your vehicle, just take it in to SK, 99% of the time they have dealt with it before and can get you up and running in no time. Heck, they even service my Toyota pick-up, so even though they like to concentrate on European cars, they took the time to treat me as a valuable customer. Thanks guys!” –Jamison

The Helpful Shop

 “As usual, my only regret with SK Motorsport is that I didn’t come in sooner!! I can always count on you guys to help my car feel brand new every time I come in, and that’s exactly why I’ll continue to do so in the future. Keep up the great work!” – Will

Always a Positive Experience

“Always a positive experience at SK” – Ivan C

The best place in Bellingham to get your Volkswagen serviced

“I’ve been taking my higher-mileage VW GTI to SK for a few years now and have nothing but good things to say about these guys. I have owned VW’s for around 25 years and have dealt with service all over the USA. These guys are fair and have always taken good care of me and my car. I’ve now got a newer VW and SK will be my service spot of choice.As a side note they’re one of the few service facilities in the area that will deal with performance modifications and upgrades. These guys know their stuff and can advise you on what is worth the money and what isn’t. I really appreciate that type of honesty from my mechanic.  Excellent work every time!” – CS

Top Notch Service

“SK has done a number of service tasks from minor work to substantial repairs. I have been very happy with the work and communication has been excellent regarding options, lead times, and costs. I can recommend them withouut reservation.  Excellent work and top notch service”- Matt B

A Great Experience from Start to Finish

“From the moment you walk in to SK, you can tell this place is a bit different than most mechanics. The waiting area is clean and open with great views of the repair bays. Nick (the service manager) is perhaps the best VW service contact I’ve dealt with to date, and that includes multipe VW, porsche, and mercedes repairs over the last decade. The work ended up taking several days due to a large snowstorm, but Nick did a great job staying in touch with me throughout the process. Thankfully, I had a warranty that covered a lot of the work, and Nick went out of his way to deal with everything the warranty company threw back as an excuse to not cover things. In a situation like this, their expertise on the car and VW’s in general meant the difference between $0 and several thousand dollars of covered repairs by my warranty company. I am currently living in Vancouver, BC and it was WELL worth the hour drive to visit SK instead of doing things in Canada.” – lemong

SK is the Place for Auto Repairs on a Budget

“So the audi was having some serious issues, but was a tight budget. Unfortunetly, I live in a secluded area, and there aren’t any shops that work on Audi’s where I live. So I took a risk used Google and found a place called SK Motorsport. They were very helpful with determining what were my most urgent repairs and knocked em out in 2 days. There prices are reasonable for German imports, and they will be my permanent mechanics while I live in Washington.” – OSF

Best Place in Bellingham for Auto Repair

“Excellent customer service has been consistent since they opened. Can count on them to perform the simplest tasks to the most challengeing builds. Don’t waste time send your German/Euro car here.” – Andrew

Accurate Estimates, Quick Service

“So far I’ve taken my car to SK twice. Was able to get the car in right away, both Steve and Nick were super helpful. Estimates were always accurately. Job got done correctly and quickly! Def recommend to other with German car owners!”

Great Service!

“After driving from Phoenix to Bellingham, I noticed an unusual odor and saw fluid leaking from my car. After talking with my mechanic in Phoenix, they referred me to SK Motorsport. I was welcomed to the shop and the repairs were made promptly. It was so great to find a reputable business to do the car care I need while away from home! Thank you so much, Steve, and all of your people!” – by
Vancouver kid

Great Shop for Mercedes

“I have an E63 AMG and needed new rubber. I arranged to come down accross the boarder to have the rub er replacd as well my local MB dealer told me my front brakes needed replacing. So I did a quick internet search and found SK. I made an appointment to have them slap on new pads. When I got there I was impressed with them set up. They got to work immediately as scheduled, but after pulling off the tires they advised my brakes where only 30- 40% worn and recommended leaving the existing pads in and coming back when they require replacing. These guys are honest professionals. I recomend them strongly.” -Marshall

Definitely Having Auto Repair Done At SK Motorsport

“I have dealt with SK on a couple occasions. I am a home mechanic and ran into a couple issues that I needed help with. Steve and the guys were great to deal with. Very professional and helpful. I was able to save some money on a couple repairs because they gave me some “insider” tips. Will definitely be using them in the future.”

Great Maintenance on my Pathfinder

I have no other association with with SK Motorsports, other than an old Pathfinder that runs much better!! I took the ol girl in for timing belt, rear bushings and 100,000 mile pick me up. I can honestly these guys did right by me and my Pathfinder. Good price, good work and no games.Thanks guys!!

Much Cheaper then the Dealerships!

“Our Mercedes was killing us in service costs. SK got us squared away with our services and maintenance for a fraction of the cost at the dealer. They are very knowledgeable about German cars and thoroughly explain everything to us, even saving us on finding potential problems later on down the road. We would highly recommend them.” – Brooke Anderson

Fixed my GTI After a Minor Crash

“Brought my Volkswagon GTI in after I hit a curb in a snow storm. Turned out to be a broken control arm, suspension, and tie-rod. I didn’t know anything about what was wrong with it heading to the shop, and they educated me about how the whole thing worked, and even let me take a look at my car up on the lift. They fixed the issue no problem. However, they did try to charge me $160 for a simple battery replacement, which can be done with zero car knowledge. Not the cheapest place, but good service overall for the Bellingham area.” – Kelsey J


“I have been a customer of there’s for quite a while. Always straight forward professional service.” -Clay matter

Great service, good timely work.

“I’ve been going to SK for the past 5 years and have always been treated well and happy with the quality and quick work. They always get me back onthe road fast. I reccomend them to all my friends.” – Kevin

Outstanding Service

“Two years ago I encountered an issue with my car that needed the utmost attention. My stock (back, driver side spring) suspension in my MK4 Jetta had literally snapped in 3 places. I was told by a friend to check out SK Motorsport located on Iowa St. in Bellingham, WA. It was the best choice I had ever made. As soon as I stepped through the door I was greeted and immediately helped. After discussing some options, Steve showed me that for just a little extra cash I could have a performance suspension kit installed in my car that not only allowed it to handle better, but increased my fuel mileage and gave it a custom look. I always recommend SK Motorsport to anyone that owns an Audi, VW or BMW. Thanks again guys for taking care of my car like she was your own. =)” – g33kdubbin

SK Motorsports is Great With Audis

“A big thanks to SKI feel comfortable bringing my Audi to you for any service needs. You’re knowledgeable and honest. And the best part…you clean my car!Keep up the great work” – Dexter

great service great people

“To everyone looking for a good shop for your German car here’s the place to go! The people there are super helpful. Got a problem let them know.” – ktarr969

Really Took Care of My Mercedes Benz

“SK Motorsports is great. I have an old Mercedes Benz and it is typically really expensive to have anything done to it. Now when anything’s wrong with it I don’t have to panic anymore cuz I know SK will tell me exactly what the problem is, how important it is to have fixed right away and they don’t charge an arm and a leg. They are great! Friendly, fast, knowledgeable, honest, and relatively inexpensive (you get what you pay for and no BS.) I don’t trust anyone else anymore!” – Megan

They’re the Best

“When I have been to the shop, all the guys are super nice and take the time to walk you thru very thing. They are the nicest guys and I would definitely recommend them. Their the best.” – Alex Skog

audi b5 s4

“All the guys at SK are great at what they do. Any time I had SK do any work on my car it gets fixed right the FIRST time. Great guys” – cfmcskog

MK2 VR6 Wiring

“I highly recommend this repair shop for any work you need done on your vehicle.. Thanks to Steve and the rest of the crew.” – keven

Fixed Oil Leak

“Good service, great prices and they explained things really well to me” – Laura

Amazing Service, Great Prices

“Brought my 98 Jetta GLX in to have a timing chain done, and later spark plug wires. The timing chain they got done for about $400 less then another shop in town, and ended up keeping their shop open 2 hours late in order to make sure I had my car same day! For the spark plugs, my cars check engine light turned on while on the freeway. I drove gently home and called SK Motorworks, and next day Steve (the owner) came out to my house and diagnosed the car in my driveway at no extra cost so I didn’t have to deal with getting my car towed or worrying about hurting something. Ended up my spark plug wires needed replacing so I drove in and they got it done perfectly same day.They are a young company but really seem to be willing to fight to make a good name for themselves. I’d highly suggest them.” – Daniel Tucker

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